Discover the Efficient Ford Edge

Whoever said that SUVs waste fuel clearly hasn't seen the new Ford Edge at Texstar Ford Lincoln Inc. This popular mid-sized SUV is equipped with a powerful engine that can dominate any road. However, fuel-saving technology makes the most out of your fuel investment.

The Edge is available with two different engines. Both of them are EcoBoost engines that are specifically designed with fuel efficiency and power in mind. The standard 2.0-liter engine has direct-injection technology. It can give you a power boost whenever you need it. However, because the fuel is directly injected into the engine, there's less waste.

The beefier 2.7-liter engine can give drivers a bit more power. Even with its increased horsepower and torque, Ford made sure to conserve as much fuel as possible. It's built to be light and compact. This unique design choice cuts down the overall weight of the Edge, thus saving fuel on your daily commute.



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